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I began including an “idiom template” as well as some powerpoint slides in the weekly idiom list, but neglected to mention how I used the template! My Students filled out one box on the template each night with an idiom activity.

Here are the ones we used:

  1. Used the idioms in sentences: great for Monday night so you can check students’ understanding early.
  2. Sketched figurative and literal examples of the idioms: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth would lead to a sketch of a guy looking at a horse’s mouth and a sketch of someone questioning a gift.
  3. Researched an idiom’s origin: as explained here. Big share out the next morning.
  4. We’d conclude the week by “summarizing our weeks” using all five idioms. The only catch: I expected the summary to be fictional. This lead to some fun read-alouds on Friday morning.

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