Internet Field Trip: July 2013

Eleven links to inspire, intrigue, and educate from around the web. Originally shared on Twitter as @ByrdseedGifted.

  1. Wonderful compare and contrast imagery of deceptive fast food ads.
  2. Literature featuring math! Recommendations for primary kids.
  3. Oh man. So cool! Disney Research project turns static photos into 3D worlds.
  4. Great read! Statements from gifted kids after working through difficult processes
  5. This is amazing: Washing Your Hair on the Space Station.
  6. Easy-Medium-Hard: One way to generate (and grade) differentiated problem sets quickly.
  7. 100 best first lines from novels.
  8. Was this created just for me!? Star Wars as written by Shakespeare!
  9. Free LEGO Robotics class through MIT OpenCourseWare from @IEAGifted.
  10. Why (most) word problems are not modeling. via @ddmeyer
  11. Hilarious! Book titles missing one letter.