Ten Examples of LEGO Inspiration


There’s something about LEGO that transcends time. I see my students playing with virtually the same bricks that I used as a child. And now, thanks to the internet, we can see the potential of these simple building materials.

The list begins with projects with the most obvious classroom applications and ends with some impressive projects that maybe the more creative amongst you can apply to your class.

  • Historical Recreation Recreate essential events from your social studies curriculum using LEGO, like this moment in Julius Caesar’s life.

  • Reverse Engineering Lego Fantastic puzzle for inductive thinking: figure out how to build an object with no instructions.

  • Visual with poem A poem (actually a song) paired with a builder’s Lego creation.

  • Accurate Movie Recreations Here’s a series of movie scenes accurately reproduced in LEGO. Your students could do the same for the most dramatic moment of a story.

  • Artistic Movie Recreations Similar to the last, here is a group of more artistic reinterpretations of movie scenes. Ask your students to reinterpret moments from stories.

  • Famous Photo Recreations Another set of recreations, this time of famous photos, such as the famous 1932 photograph “Lunch atop a skyscraper”.

  • MC Escher in LEGO A series of MC Escher creations brought accurately into the third dimension using LEGO – pretty impressive considering these structures are technically impossible!

  • LEGO Stopmotion A stop–motion movie made entirely from LEGO and funded through support via the internet. Check out “Robots!“.

  • Minimalism In Advertisements Some beautiful examples of minimalism in Lego Advertisements. Click through to see all four. Possible use: “How few blocks can you use to deliver the big idea of an object?”

  • Remote Controlled, Motorized Sandcrawler What perseverance! A Star Wars–inspired, nine month project. Includes remote-controlled steering, motorized crane, and a working conveyor belt.

Photo by kennymatic.