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Nine links from around the web: counting puzzles, sleep advice, early attempts at GoPros, and the rules of animation.

Conan O’Brien On Preparation

Prepare like crazy so you can wing it.

Comparing The Best vs My Favorite

Are bests the same as favorites? Can your class come up with a suitable definition of the difference?

Review: The Mysterious Benedict Society

After it was recommended dozens of times, I finally read The Mysterious Benedict and I wish I had read it sooner!

Understanding High Energy Gifted Kids

To understand how giftedness and physical energy are connected, stop picturing a fidgety kid interrupting the class. Instead imagine him deeply engrossed in his favorite activity.

Taxes, Language Arts, and Social Studies

It’s tax season here in the US! The obvious classroom application is a math lesson about percents, but taxes can lead to an even more interesting discussion within language arts and social studies.

Internet Field Trip, March ’14

Seven fascinating links from around the web. Use them as inspiration for a lesson, to open the day with a fun picture, or simply food for thought.

Byrd Byte: Video Game Consoles

A 15 second, inspirational video, using pictures of every video game console.

Why Gifted Kids May Not Be Great Tutors

It’s so easy to assume gifted kids will be the academic leaders in a classroom. Beacons of light for the other kids to follow. Dina Brulles and Susan Winebrenner explain the problem…

2014 Torrance Legacy Creativity Award

Announcing this year’s International Torrance Legacy Creativity Award. Encourage your kids to apply!