Internet Field Trip, October 2014

Seven inspiring, interesting, and intriguing links from around the web!

Challenge Students With Homographs & Homonyms

Many gifted students blow past grade-level spelling and vocabulary at a young age. Unfortunately, a common technique to “challenge” them is to find harder and more obscure words for their spelling list. Instead, let’s take advantage of the built-in complexity of common words with multiple-meanings.

Self Control Is A Limited Resource

The wise teacher knows how hard to push her class and when to ease up, because self control is a limited resource for everyone.

Internet Field Trip, September 2014

Seven links to interesting articles, images, and movies.

Game Recommendation: Qwirkle

Every veteran teacher has a well-stocked board game closet for those special days. Qwirkle is a great addition to your arsenal.

What Influences A Character’s Traits?

To add depth to character analysis, let’s look beyond a character’s traits and dig into what influenced them to have those traits.

Paradox: Does Majority Rule?

A quick, but challenging discussion topic for any age: “Is it always fair to make decisions based on a majority vote?”

Five Great Reads for August 2014

Here are five interesting reads from the past month: asynchrony, age-appropriate books, copying authors, and money and happiness.

Depth or Complexity Alone Isn’t Deep Enough

I often see the prompts of Depth and Complexity used in classrooms, but too frequently they’re applied at a surface level.

Dino Obsession: Intellectual Overexcitability In Action

If you’re wondering what an “intellectual overexcitability” might look like, here’s me in kindergarten…