Encourage Interests, Don’t Expect Passions

In my last article, I wrote about possible 21st century careers awaiting our students. When I speak about this topic, people respond by wanting to help kids “find their passions.” But I think the word “passion” is a problem. Here’s why. “Passion” Is Unreasonable When we call something a “passion,” it implies lifelong devotion and […]

Semi-Personalized Reading

This post was written by my pal Beth Andrews, who you can find at Academic Bloom, as @blandrews on Twitter, or just send her an email: blandrews222@gmail.com Classroom literature is typically selected based on what we (teachers) love to read and have available. Since preferences can be so personal, it’s unlikely that what we find […]

21st Century Careers


I’ve been speaking recently about a topic dear to my heart: the exciting, 21st careers that await our students. But it’s easy to get caught up in what I call The Three Step Story: Get good grades Go to a good college Get a good job I wrote about this in Success Isn’t A Straight […]

What We Can Learn From Super Mario’s Levels

If the designers have done their jobs, the player should always feel slightly challenged, but never overwhelmed. As teachers, we should aim for the same goal: students who are stimulated but not frustrated.

Top Puzzlements for October 16

Here are this month’s most-clicked on curiosities mailed out from Puzzlements.co! Dominoes, human slinkies, and an amazing chemical reaction.

Giving Better Presentations


It’s conference season, and that means we’ll all be settling in for a few sessions. I’ve put together a free resource to try to make those sessions more enjoyable for both presenter and attendee.