3 Great Podcast Episodes

Here are three episodes podcasts I’ve listened to in the past month that particularly blew my mind. Only the first is specifically related to classrooms, but the others could definitely inspire your teaching.

Talking Less: Two Discussion Tics


Leading discussions is hard work. To grease the wheels, I developed two weird tics: re-stating and repeating louder. Both increase dependency on me, and enable students to become passive listeners.

Talking Less: Making Better Class Announcements


Many of our words are wasted not on teaching, but on announcements, directions, and updates. Imagine yourself waiting at an airport. Think of the constant stream of “important announcements” broadcast over the speakers. There are so many, that you simply stop hearing them.

Talking Less: Shocking Stats On What Students Can Hear


When you’re up speaking in front of a group, it’s so easy to assume that they’re hanging on your every word. The reality is we are incapable of hearing as fast as people speak. We can’t hear everything someone says, let alone remember, let alone understand.

Being a Healthier Teacher: Stopping Burnout


As someone who experienced burn out while teaching, and has watched friends and family members burn out as well, I know that it’s a real affliction, but one that is rarely addressed.