“I Thought I Was Really Stupid”

A quote from a gifted adult looking back at elementary school, from Deborah Ruf’s fantastic article: > “I often thought that I was really stupid because I couldn’t understand why teachers taught things that I thought were obvious. I thought the other children were smarter because they saw complexities that I now know never existed. […]

Differentiate for Interesting

A reader wrote in to ask how to differentiate a lesson about reading analog clocks. What happens if a student has already mastered the task? This is a perfect example of a topic that doesn’t really have a “higher-level” version. Sure you could give more worksheets or harder times to read, but neither of those […]

Most Popular Puzzlements of March 2016


Here are the most popular curiosities and puzzlements from March 2016: tumbleweed on a treadmill, a year of sunrises, tiny robots pulling a car, and more!

Creating Research Questions


Last time I showed how to use the Wikipedia Wormhole to find interesting topics for research. Now we’ll look at how to form interesting questions to investigate those topics.

The Wikipedia Wormhole


Use this tool to find interesting topics for independent studies that are still related to classroom material.

Preparation Makes Presentations


Compare and contrast Steve Jobs’ iPhone announcement with Elon Musk’s Tesla Model 3 presentation to highlight the need for preparation when giving a talk.

Teaching Gifted Kids To Explain Their Thinking


It’s a weird trap: because a child is “so smart”, everyone thinks any gaps in their skills are a result of laziness or defiance. But sometimes the brightest kid needs small group instruction for a skill the rest of the class already gets.