Recommended Books In The 900-1000 Lexile Range

Books with 900-1000 Lexile

A reader was looking for examples of high-quality books for gifted/talented 4th and 5th graders, but she was constrained to a lexile range of 900-1000. Here are the recs I received…

Urgent Versus Important

It’s so easy for the daily chaos of suddenly urgent tasks to overwhelm what really matters. How can we better focus on those long-term, important tasks?

Phrases to Open Up a Discussion

One of my favorite open-ended, creative activities becomes even better with careful phrasing on my part. These three questions will help you be the facilitator of a discussion, rather than the authority.

On Labels


When speaking about giftedness, I am often told that “labels are harmful.” Here’s why I think labels have a powerful (but limited) purpose.

Exploring Sci-Fi and Fantasy


Our students are passionately devouring science fiction and fantasy series. So why don’t our reading and writing programs reflect this? Some thoughts on harnessing the power of these genres.

Summer 2016 Reading Recs

Looking for something to read this summer? Here are a few sorta-teaching-related texts I’ve enjoyed.