Bad Behavior or Lack of Complexity?


Differentiation means being aware of both a student’s skill and the complexity of a task. And it’s easier to adjust a task in the short term than to change a student’s skill.

Review: Creativity For Everybody


My friend Kathryn Haydon recently released a book called Creativity For Everybody. It’s a very quick read and a nice overview of creativity. My favorite qualities of this book are: Each pair of pages stand on their own. You can flip anywhere and read the idea without being lost. In fact, the authors expressly encourage […]

An Easy Way To Ask For Student Feedback


I’m sure, as a teacher, you wonder about your students’ honest feedback. You’d like to know what they really think, but formal, anonymous evaluations from students are probably pretty darn scary. Here’s a much simpler way to get started…

Advanced Vocabulary Guide

This 125 page document is packed with advanced vocabulary resources including homographs, homophones, foreign language lists, and vocabulary puzzles. Complete with student-friendly lists and task cards, all ready for class use.

Encourage Curiosity With Calculators


It’s easy to fall in love with chasing the newest technology to use in the classroom. But sometimes, the perfect tool is a plain old calculator. We’ll be using this tool to develop curiosity about math.