Internet Field Trip for November 2014

Seven fun links and resources from around the web!

Links and Resources from NAGC 14

I’m home from the national conference on gifted education and here are the highlights!

Three Tools to Ease An Overwhelmed Brain

There are more than enough challenges in teaching. If a kitchen timer, app, or well-written list can take some of them off your plate, let’s hand those tasks over as quickly and frequently as possible!

Multiple Meaning Matcher

My favorite use of homographs is to create a two-column matching activity, but use only definitions – no words. Of course, the difficulty is in generating these columns, so I’ve cooked up a solution for you!

Internet Field Trip, October 2014

Seven inspiring, interesting, and intriguing links from around the web!

Challenge Students With Homographs & Homonyms

Many gifted students blow past grade-level spelling and vocabulary at a young age. Unfortunately, a common technique to “challenge” them is to find harder and more obscure words for their spelling list. Instead, let’s take advantage of the built-in complexity of common words with multiple-meanings.

Self Control Is A Limited Resource

The wise teacher knows how hard to push her class and when to ease up, because self control is a limited resource for everyone.

Internet Field Trip, September 2014

Seven links to interesting articles, images, and movies.

Game Recommendation: Qwirkle

Every veteran teacher has a well-stocked board game closet for those special days. Qwirkle is a great addition to your arsenal.

What Influences A Character’s Traits?

To add depth to character analysis, let’s look beyond a character’s traits and dig into what influenced them to have those traits.