An Easy Way To Ask For Student Feedback


As a presenter, I both fear and love when event organizers pass along feedback from attendees. Sure, nothing’s scarier than reading what people really thought, but if I don’t hear the good and the bad, how can I possibly get better? How can I know what’s working and what needs to be changed? I’m sure, […]

Advanced Vocabulary Guide

This 125 page document is packed with advanced vocabulary resources including homographs, homophones, foreign language lists, and vocabulary puzzles. Complete with student-friendly lists and task cards, all ready for class use.

Encourage Curiosity With Calculators


It’s easy to fall in love with chasing the newest technology to use in the classroom. But sometimes, the perfect tool is a plain old calculator. We’ll be using this tool to develop curiosity about math.

I Thought You Were Smart


A great strip from Calvin and Hobbes for opening up a discussion about hard work, being “smart,” and mindsets in the classroom.

Puzzle: Antonym Paths


Begin with a small, simple word and identify its antonym. Then, take this second word and find its antonym. Many times, you’ll find that an antonym of an antonym isn’t always related the original word.

Creative Coloring Books


I recently took a trip to New York and visited the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. In the gift shop they had a series of fantastic coloring books based on famous artists, including: Dali, Van Gogh, and Monet.