Quick Strategy Game: Domineering


Wanted to share another cheap, quick, and simple game that has interesting complexities and connections to math. This game is called Domineering. All you need are paper and a pencil. Graph paper would be a luxury.

How I Set My Annual Goals


It’s so easy to let a new year get away from you. By February, I’m already settled back into old habits and ruts. I want to fight this! I take an evening and set up some bold but attainable goals, thinking purposefully about the upcoming year.

Be Thoughtful About Praise


Not only is vague praise less useful than a specific compliment, but combined with easy tasks, it can even be damaging to students’ belief in their abilities.

2014 In Review

One of my favorite parts of running Byrdseed is looking back at the end of each year and cataloging my travels, writing, and video making.

Three Videos With Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions

3 Mind Blowing Optical Illusion Videos

Paradoxes and illusions are a great area of study to blow students’ minds. I recently discovered an amazing artist, Kokichi Sugihara, who creates and films optical illusions using just paper and balls.