Classic Works of Art

Expose students to classic works of art The School of Athens by Raphael

Exposing students to great pieces of art is an easy way to enhance a lesson, provide a visual way to practice a skill, and educate our students beyond the prescribed curriculum.

For example, if you’re teaching students to “compare and contrast,” open with a couple interesting works of art then move to the text.

Here are links to some great works that you might use to spice up a lesson. I’ve tried to err on the side of “school appropriate” when building this collection and almost all are in the public domain (Picasso’s work is one exception).

Naturally, it’s a work in progress. Feel free to shoot me some suggestions at or @ByrdseedGifted.

  • Updated 8/21/2013 to add Norman Rockwell
  • Updated 8/23/2013 to add Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, and Grant Wood
  • Updated 9/29/2015 to add Kandinksy


Van Gogh

Da Vinci



The Impressionists

Japanese Art

Other Interesting Examples