Technology Articles

The Wikipedia Wormhole


Use this tool to find interesting topics for independent studies that are still related to classroom material.

3 Sites For Free Classics


The public domain is a rich collection of creative works whose copyrights have expired. More than ever we have incredible access to this art and literature. Public domain images and writings add depth to lessons and expose students to classic works.

On Tech-Literacy


Sure, students use a lot of technology, but that doesn’t mean they use it correctly, completely, or competently. Kids have an improvised tech-literacy in the same way a bright child might have an improvised ability to read before starting school.

The New Differentiator


The Differentiator has been re-written from scratch with more power and flexibility, plus a clean new look. Experiment to create differentiated objectives for students of all levels. Plus, it works great on an iPad now!

Podcasts: Audio Inspriation


When working with gifted students, a constant need for teachers is to find interesting ideas and fresh inspiration. An easy way to find this inspiration is to listen to a variety of podcasts. If you aren’t familiar with this medium, podcasts are audio files that are informative, entertaining, and, best of all, free.

sAppurday: Color Uncovered for iPad


Color Uncovered is a fascinating app for iPad put out by The Exploratorium in San Francisco. The app is billed as an “interactive book,” and features experiments kids can perform on their own, investigating optical illusions, light, and color.

Google Art Project


Google Art Project is an exciting way to bring rich works of art right into your classroom. It started with collections from 17 partner museums around the world and has grown to 151 museums. They photograph works of art in high resolution so the images yield exceptional detail and then post these images in galleries on the website. Just recently, they began adding the Art Institute of Chicago’s collections, including Sunday Afternoon.

sAppurday: Write, Draw, & Project With iPad


In this edition of sAppurday, we’ll look at Paper, a beautiful writing and drawing app. As soon as I started doodling with Paper, I immediately wanted to use it in class as on the overhead. The problem, of course, is how to get the iPad screen onto my LCD projector. I’ll show you how I accomplished it.

sAppurday: Google Reader Edition


Hopefully you’ve tried out Google Reader, my favorite source for classroom inspiration, and are conveniently subscribed to dozens (or hundreds!) of useful sites. Now let’s check out some apps for iPhone and iPad that integrate the Google Reader experience.

Finding Inspiration With Google Reader


To efficiently track the sites I’m interested in, I use Google Reader. This free online app enables you to subscribe to your favorite sites, keeping all the updates in one location. Every time I visit Reader, I immediately see all the most recent updates to all of the sites I’m interested in.