Looking Back on 2012


Last year saw ninety new articles posted here at Byrdseed.com. The five most popular were…

5) Sensitivity in Gifted Kids – An article on the surprising correlation between giftedness and emotional sensitivity. Include three true tales from my childhood.

4) Graphing Characters – A definite favorite of mine: plotting characters on a graph based on two different qualities. I love hearing about the many variations teachers have created based on this idea.

3) Three Books With Gifted Female Main Characters – A list of three books featuring gifted female protagonists. Readers submitted seven more.

2) Math Project: Disneyland Parking Structure – A structured math project for counting the parking spots in Disneyland’s giant parking structure. I heard from 2nd grade through high school teachers who used this in class. Readership was boosted significantly by a mention from Dan Meyer.

1) Five Unexpected Traits of Gifted Students – The most popular article of the year was an exploration of Dabrowski’s five overexcitabilities, common traits found in gifted students.

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