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Best of Byrdseed Photo by Terren in Virginia

Most Popular (So Far) Of 2015

  1. I Thought You Were Smart
  2. Quick Strategy Game: Domineering
  3. Internet Field Trip for January, 2015
  4. Success Isn’t A Straight Line
  5. Start A Lesson With A Music Video

Most Popular Of 2014

  1. Understanding High Energy Gifted Kids
  2. Ambiguous Sentences
  3. Creative Math Warmups
  4. High Anxiety
  5. Weekly Lists of Common Foreign Vocabulary

Most Popular Of 2013

  1. Calvin: The Unexpected Gifted Kid
  2. We Only Get Stronger When It’s Difficult!
  3. Learning From Lasseter
  4. Puzzle: Word Ladders
  5. Creating A Class Motto

Most Popular Of 2012

  1. Five Unexpected Traits of Gifted Students
  2. The Curious Case of Impostor Syndrome
  3. Math Project: Disneyland Parking Structure
  4. Sensitivity in Gifted Kids
  5. Patterns In Writing: Conflict

Most Popular Of 2011

  1. 12 Lists of Characteristics of Gifted Students
  2. Four Ways To Reduce Behavior Problems
  3. Make Your Class Cozy For Gifted Introverts
  4. Super Idiom List
  5. Six Traits of Quality Pre-Assessments

Most Popular Of 2010

  1. Beyond The Book Report
  2. Patterns In Writing II: Plot Structure
  3. Differentiating Comprehension Skills: Noting Details
  4. Character Analysis With Depth & Complexity
  5. Patterns In Writing IV: Character Archetypes

Most Popular Of 2009

  1. Introducing Depth and Complexity
  2. Four Ways to Differentiate Objectives
  3. 10 Social & Emotional Needs of the Gifted
  4. Offer Choice With Extension Menus
  5. Differentiate Lessons With The Content Imperatives